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BNIL Series Part 1 : LLIL

One of the questions we most often hear is “Why did you invent yet another IL?” to which we respond, “we didn’t – we invented an entire FAMILY of ILs.” Which doesn’t really answer the question, but it makes us smile. In the interests of actually answering the question though, we recently presented with Sophia from Trail of Bits to talk about Program Analysis using Binary Ninja.

As noted in our last post though, there’s a lot left to be explained about how our IL works and to that end, Peter has just finished writing up a developer’s guide to our LLIL.

The main goal is to help clarify how some of the design in the IL impacts how you interact with it. We plan on some future updates to help explain the process of writing your own Archiecture module (IE, writing to Lifted IL), as well as new guides as we release new IL’s. We look forward to many more plugins being published that take advantage of all the analysis provided by each IL.

The documentation itself is open for public comment or feedback, feel free to issue a pull request or file an issue on our repo where the code lives.