Binary Ninja


Combine your reverse engineering might and start using a collaboration solution that stays out of your way and lets you work.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Collaborate with your team seamlessly and effortlessly with synchronized commits, easy conflict resolution, and persistently stored live chat for each file you upload.

Float Licenses

Don't waste any more time managing individual license files! Check out and check in licenses for as long as you need from the Binary Ninja Enterprise server.

Centralize Data Management

When working with a team, it becomes even more important to have some organization for the various projects and components of projects your team is working on. Binary Ninja Enterprise provides a convenient mechanism for creating projects, adding users, and managing permissions at both the file and project level. Everything is hosted on-premises - Enterprise is not a cloud service!

Provide Single Sign-On

We work with your infrastructure. Binary Ninja Enterprise supports single sign-on through OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, LDAP, or SAML2*.

*SAML2 support requires an additional license.

Take Things Offline

The entire Binary Ninja Enterprise product works offline — including floating licenses and client updates! No need to have constant access to an external license server. No more need for reinstalling to change client versions.

Keep Your Platform Support

Enjoy the same cross-platform support on Windows, MacOS, and Linux as our Commercial product offering for our Binary Ninja Enterprise client. See the FAQ for more details.

Our Binary Ninja Enterprise server is officially supported on the latest Ubuntu Server LTS, but can run on many other platforms. Contact us for more information.