Binary Ninja

Extended Support Contracts

Need additional support, features, plugins, or other development? The Binary Ninja team has got you covered.

What are Extended Support Contracts?

Extended Support Contracts (ESC) offer a higher tier of dedicated customer support for Binary Ninja customers. Any organization can purchase an ESC, regardless of whether they are an Enterprise customer or not. ESCs are unrelated to the edition of Binary Ninja used.

What do they cover?

While our standard support coverage includes updates and fixes and our Enterprise support includes priority chat support and fixes, an ESC can be used to immediately direct our development resources to meet your exact needs. Your ESC can include developing new features, immediate fixes, bespoke trainings, help writing your own custom plugins, or even direct assistance from our experts in reverse engineering. Some detailed examples are covered below.

What do they cost?

Bucket Units Total Cost
1 80 $30,000
2 160 $60,000
3 240 $84,000
4 320 $112,000
5 400 $140,000
6+ 480+ Contact us!

What is a unit?

In most cases, a unit is equivalent to an hour of our time. There are, however, some cases where they are not exchangable at a 1:1 ratio.

Do units roll over?

A maximum of 20% of purchased Extended Support units can roll over one additional year.

What can I use units for?

We are open to a wide variety of uses for ESC units. If you need something specific, ask! Here are some examples:

Who does the work?

Vector 35 doesn’t have support engineers or sub-contractors. Everyone who services an ESC is a full-time engineer and Binary Ninja developer. Our team has significant technical depth: Senior engineers have 20-30 years of experience, while even our most junior engineers still have a minimum of 4 years of reverse engineering and development experience. We have over a dozen full time engineers on our team with extensive backgrounds in program analysis, reverse engineering, vulnerability research and more. Depending on your needs, we’ll make sure we get the right engineer for the task and will ensure you’re happy before we begin work.

Where do I get more information?

To sign up, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.