A New Type of Reversing Platform


Our built-in decompiler works with all our architectures at one price and builds on a powerful family of ILs called BNIL. In fact, not just our architectures, but even community architectures can produce amazing decompilation.

Extensive API

We've open sourced many parts of Binary Ninja including our Python, C++, and Rust bindings. These APIs can extend and automate everything from the UI, decompilation, types, patching, and so much more. This has enabled an active plugin community.

Modern UI

Not all hackers ignore UI/UX. Binary Ninja is built for a fast, pleasant experience and if the defaults don't suit you, you can use one of the many community themes and customize the layout and hotkeys.

Powerful Analysis

Code and data cross-references, confidence-based type propagation, value-set analysis, and more - all done automatically, and able to be scripted in an architecture agnostic fashion.