Two Ways to Try

There are two ways to try Binary Ninja for free! Binary Ninja Cloud supports all architectures, but requires you to upload your binaries. Binary Ninja Free is a downloadable app that runs locally, but has architecture restrictions. Neither free option supports our powerful API / Plugin ecosystem.


Binary Ninja Cloud is our free, online reverse engineering tool. It supports a number of great features.


  • Collaboration
  • Embedding interactive graphs on other pages
  • Direct-linking to specific code
  • View multiple IL levels
  • All architectures with decompiler support


It does, however come with some limitations (see the ToS for more info):

  • Not as feature-rich as the native client
  • Only supports PE/MachO/ELF file formats
  • No API/Plugins
  • Performance Limits
  • Must submit binaries to V35


See our list of supported platforms.

By downloading the desktop versions linked above, you are agreeing to the terms of the free license. If you do not agree to the license, do not download or run the files linked above.

This free version of Binary Ninja is available for you to use for non-commercial purposes, or to evaluate its functionality and see if it meets your commercial needs.


  • Save/load analysis databases
  • Customizable UI
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Supports arbitrary file formats
  • Up to 4 x analysis threads


  • Only supports x86, x86_64, and ARMv7 architectures
  • No SCC support
  • Limited ILs (Disassembly, HLIL, Pseudo C only)
  • No API / plugin access
  • Not for commercial purposes