Features The binary multi-tool and
reversing platform


Because who hasn't accidentally lost useful info without undo

Cross Platform

Work on OS X, Windows, or Linux, all for one price

Smooth Scrolling, Zooming

Scanning through large functions is no longer a chore

Multi-threaded Disassembly*

The commercial edition supports multi-threaded analysis for large binaries


An easy to write to IL powers automatic analysis across all architectures

Easy to Understand

The IL isn't only easy to use for analysis, but it also is extremely easy to read

Inline assembly editing

For super fast binary patches

Right-Click Patching

The only thing faster than inline editing

Insert Raw assembly

For custom shellcode or more complicated patches

Shellcode Compiler

Our own custom C compiler for higher level patches or fresh shellcode payloads

Separable Core*

For batch processing, the core library can be directly accessed without a GUI

Handy Transforms

Born from the fast paced CTF environment where you never know what you might need

Comments and Renaming

What RE tool is complete without letting you annotate

Unicode Support

While you're annotating, why not use emoji? ­čôŁ

Function Prototypes

Leverage our IL for generic function prototype recognition and annotation

Simultaneous Live View
Simultaneous Live View

Write hex and immediately see live disassembly

*Features are only available in the commercial version.