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State of the Ninja: Episode 9

This month’s state of the Ninja contains the usual mid-month status updates, including a brief summary of previous and upcoming commits, sightings of Binary Ninja in the news and online, upcoming events, and an announcement that our merchandise store is re-opening this week with international shipping options available!


The online renewal system is live. You’ll receive an email notice 30 days before your license expires, and 5 days before your license expires. Both contain a link you can use to renew your license. Why renew? Here’s what you’ll miss out on if you miss the renewal window:

  • 50% discount on current purchase price
  • One year of updates including both dev and stable channels
  • Technical support, including an upcoming active license holder-only slack channel
  • Customer service on an existing license such as changing the email address associated with a license
  • License recovery and download link request – IMPORTANT: this means that you should make sure to save the last binaries that you had access to as we will not keep all previous builds online and will be unable to supply you with the most recent build you had access to once your license expires.

The renewal window is from one month before expiration to one month after and renewing will extend your license by an additional year from your original expiration date.

Last Month in Code

Here’s a quick summary of changes committed since Episode 8:

  • PE and ELF section semantics added (better linear sweep performance)
  • User provided types now loaded from the proper directory
  • Several data flow fixes in the IL, along with several possible value set fixes
  • Several architecture improvements (disassembly, lifting, or dataflow):
    • x86/x64: xfence/lfence
    • ARM BE: thumb dp instructions
    • ARM: blx/bx immediates
    • ARM64: shifted register fix
    • MIPS: jalr, MIPSEL pseudo instructions, delay slot data flow
  • Microsoft Symbol server updates now use HTTPS
  • Possible Value Set analysis results now shown when hovering on register or variables at all ILs and assembly
  • Overall large accuracy improvements to the linear sweep algorithm (especially for non-x86 architectures) – check back on the 1st for an in-depth explanation of our current implementation

As always, any customers with a valid support license can follow along with our dev builds by switching update channels in preferences

Upcoming in Code

  • Floating point IL as well as x87 and MIPS floating point lifting
  • UI support status indicator (to easily see when support licenses are expiring as well as go directly to the renew page)

In the News

Here’s some of the more recent sightings of Binary Ninja in presentations, write-ups, and other media:

Merchandise Store

Thanks for your patience, we finally have our merch store nearly ready for international shipping. As an added bonus, that coincides with the reintroduction of our favorte brand of shirts from Golden Goods!

The store will be live Tuesday, October 17th.

Upcoming Events

Dates Event
2017‑10‑26 Jordan is speaking at BSides Raleigh and running a free RE workshop
2017‑11‑09 - 2017‑11‑10 We’ll be at Code Blue in Japan with plenty of stickers. Let us know if you’re around and want some, or if you’re interested in purchasing some Binary Ninja gear and saving on shipping costs

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