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Decompiler Stable Release

While many of our users are already happily using it on the dev channel, we’re pleased to announce the release date for our decompiler/HLIL on the stable channel is May 20th, 2020.

That’s right, the long awaited Binary Ninja 2.0 is arriving in only 10 days.

With the 2.0 release comes several important changes. First, we’re including the decompiler for all current customers at no cost. All users, both commercial and non-commercial with active support will be able to download the stable update (and indeed they can all try it now just by switching to the dev channel). Second, we’re raising the base price of all versions. This reflects the increased value provided by the decompiler as well as helps us build new features at an even faster rate. See below the fold for more details.


First, the new prices:

  • Binary Ninja Non-Commercial (Named): $299
  • Binary Ninja Commercial (Named): $1199

We thought long and hard before raising the base price. We considered whether we should make the decompiler a paid plugin or not, and in the end decided that it’s ultimately better for our users to have one continuous community of plugins that work across all price-points. If someone writes a great new plugin you don’t have to worry about whether your version has the required APIs if all versions support HLIL and the decompiler.

As a reminder, all Binary Ninja named licenses include:

  • One year of updates and support. While one year of updates and support are included, the license itself never expires. You can continue to use the last version from your year of updates forever (make sure to backup the installer).
  • Support for MacOS, Linux, and Windows. You’re not buying each platform separately. One purchase entitles you to run Binary Ninja on multiple computers no matter the platform.
  • Decompiler for all architectures. This includes both official and third-party architectures! Any architecture that lifts to BNIL will automatically be decompiled. No per-architecture pricing.

We’re confident that at these new price points Binary Ninja provides fantastic value. That said, we’re also keenly aware that not everyone can afford the same amount and so we’re also announcing two ways we’re making sure Binary Ninja is available to everyone.

Student Discount

First, we’re adding a full-time student discount of 75% off the purchase price. This makes full-time student pricing only one-quarter of the full price. Also, this discount can be applied to both the commercial versions and the non-commercial versions, bringing the price to:

  • Non-commercial w/ student discount: $74
  • Commercial w/ student discount: $299

For more information (including how to get the student discount even before the price change, see our FAQ or discount request form.

Cloud Remains Free

Second, we launched cloud less than a year ago and it’s continued to improve since then. In fact, it already has the HLIL decompiler built in (though currently only in the graph view, we’re hopeful it will be available in a linear view which makes it look much more like source soon). Cloud is totally free and is the fastest and easiest way to get decompilation results without installing anything.

What else?

So, to recap: the price is going up, and it’s going down for full-time students. Either way, you’ll be able to access HLIL on our stable branch in just a week and a half!

One of the best parts about releasing HLIL is not just the fact that we’ve been able to launch such a high quality decompiler for our users but what comes next. Now that we’ve gotten the important critical features that so many people expect, we can show off some of our truly innovative ideas that we’ve been working on behind the scenes. Increasing the price only helps us as a company accelerate the rate at which we can bring these new innovations to our customers, so keep an eye out for more updates over the next few months, and keep the positive feedback coming!

Of course, we’re always listening to criticism too. If you want to touch base, there are many ways that you can reach out and we’re always listening.