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Sidekick Early Access Has Begun

Two weeks ago, we announced that our new AI-powered reverse engineering service, Binary Ninja Sidekick, would soon be available in limited fashion to a number of early access customers. This week, we have completed our soft-launch. A number of lucky customers have been using the service since early this week and have helped us with some initial testing.

If you registered in the last two weeks, we’ve got your contact information and will be sending you an email in the coming weeks as we add more and more users to the service. We want to make sure the service scales the way we expect before we move to general availability. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through the inevitable technical challenges of releasing something this large and complicated.

If you’re just now seeing this, registration is still open! With some exceptions, we’ll be giving out access to customers based on when they’ve registered. But, we won’t have an official release date for general availability for a little while longer. So, act fast if you want a better chance at having access soon!

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