Two ways to demo

There are two ways to evaluate whether Binary Ninja is right for you. Cloud supports all architectures and has unlimited analysis times, but requires you to upload your sample binaries to us. The demo is best suited toward making sure the binaries run on your environment as it has additional limitations to cloud as shown below.


Binary Ninja Cloud is our free, online reverse engineering tool. It supports a number of great features:

  • Collaboration
  • Embedding interactive graphs on other pages
  • Direct-linking to interesting code
  • The full power of Binary Ninja including our decompiler!

It does, however come with some limitations (see the ToS for more info):

  • Not as feature-rich as the native client
  • No API access
  • No plugins
  • Performance Limits
  • Requires sharing your binaries


By downloading the desktop demo versions linked above, you are agreeing to the terms of the demo license. If you do not agree to the license, do not download or run the files linked below.

The demo version of Binary Ninja is available for you to evaluate its basic functionality and see if it meets your needs. If you have a question that isn't answered by the demo, please contact us.

Limitations of the demo version

  • Can only load x86, x86_64, and ARMv7 binaries
  • No plugin support
  • No loading or saving of databases
  • Single-core analysis
  • No access to the API
  • May not be used for commercial purposes
  • Only allows 25 minute sessions