Prototype The deprecated open source,
free proof of concept

Open Source Prototype

The Binary Ninja prototype is a python-based proof-of-concept demonstrating many of the ideas and techniques implemented in the current commercial application. The prototype was built to be a fast and useful swiss-army knife during CTF competitions, and as it evolved, it demonstrated the value a similar tool could have. However, it was built on Python which enabled rapid development but hampered long-term engineering efforts as the code-base grew, and we knew we wanted to switch to C++ for the proper version. Additionally, it was not as fast as we knew a better architected version could be. Given our belief in the value of open source, we released it under a GPLv2 license so that others could use it and benefit from it.

The Source

Like many of our other open-source efforts, the source code to the prototype is available on our company GitHub.

The Future

While we don't plan to actively maintain the prototype, we hope that it is still useful and are happy to accept pull requests to improve it.

For more information about the recent commercial C++ rewrite, see any of the links at the top of this page.