• Windows, Linux, OS X License
  • Fully Featured Disassembler
  • Fully Featured Hex Editor
  • Powerful Plugin API
  • 1 year of updates
  • Unlimited Use
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Analysis Caching [1]
  • GUI-less processing [2]
  • Authorization and Auditing
  • Persistent Collaboration

Personal / Student


  • Personal/Student only




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Binary Ninja is available in both a personal/student and commercial edition. The personal edition is for students and hobbyists to give them a powerful feature set at an extremely affordable price. The personal license's primary restriction is that it only allows non-commercial use, though it does have some other differences, outlined below. All licenses purchased using our online purchasing system are "named" licenses, that is they are usable by one person on multiple machines. For more details, see our various licenses.
The commercial license includes more than just the freedom to profit with your work. Some specific features targeting professional or power users are also included such as multi-threading to leverage modern CPUs, and headless processing. Plugins work in both platforms, but only the commercial edition can run plugins without running the GUI. This allows for powerful batch analysis (for example, "import binaryninja" on headless servers). This works especially well with our custom "compute" licenses that are designed for headless-only installs.

Longer support?

Want to purchase support and updates in advance for more than a year? Simply contact us for a custom quote for longer periods of time.

Looking to Renew?

Please do not use this page if you are looking to renew a previous purchase and within one month of expiration (either before or after). Instead, you should have received an email including a renewal link, or you can check the About dialog in Binary Ninja itself for a renewal link and information on your support period.

Purchase Orders and alternate licenses

If purchasing more than 10 copies of Binary Ninja you will need to contact us. We support POs and credit cards for these purchases. Note that POs are typically not supported for smaller purchases, but let us know if that's your only mechanism available and we can usually make it work.

If you're interested in alternate forms of licenses (for example, computer-based licenses that are not tied to a specific name or email), please contact support and we can walk you through other options.

Detailed Differences

Commercial versus Personal/Student

[1]: The "cached analysis" feature in Commercial saves analysis into databases while the personal edition must re-compute all analysis every time a file is opened. This is especially important for very large files. Note that any user changes such as comments, naming, symbols, types, etc, are saved in both versions.

[2]: The "headless processing" in Commercial refers to the ability to run plugins without the GUI (for example "import binaryninja" from within a console or stand-alone python plugin), but both versions support the same full API. The Personal/Student version supports accessing the API only through plugins loaded via the GUI or entered interactively in the built-in python console.

For other differences and questions about licensing, see our faq.


If you need to purchase through a reseller, we recommend you ensure that after you purchase through a reseller you have the reseller contact us with your email address so we can move the license to your email in the event that you need to recover a lost license or request fresh download links.

We do not offer reseller discounts.