Sponsorship Requests

Interested in applying for a Binary Ninja sponsorship for your event?

We love sponsoring events! However, we also want to make sure they're a good fit for us. We've sponsored many different events in the past including CTFs, RE competitions, and conferences. We're also open to other activities that benefit the reverse engineering community.

Types of sponsorship

What does sponsorship look like? We provide support in a number of ways depending on the situation. That could include:


Successful applications for sponsorship will be:

  • NOT completely a form letter -- if you're asking for support, the least you can do is include something hand-written. Note that attaching a sponsorship packet is totally fine and shows a mature level of organization. Just make sure the email itself isn't a copy/paste!
  • Make a specific request -- explain what type of support you're looking for: Money? How much? Licenses? How many?. If you have an existing sponsorship tier document, definitely include that.
  • Well regarded -- if this is your first CTF, or you have a low or default score on ctftime, we are unlikely to sponsor. You're always welcome to apply, but realize that we will hold new events to a much higher standard and are less likely to sponsor versus those with an existing track record.

How to Apply

Just email [email protected], explaining the above. That's it!