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Could you use a little help getting ahead? We here at Vector 35 believe that innovation and progress are driven by new perspectives. Unfortunately, this crazy world doesn't give every Ninja the same opportunities, advantages, or voice. That's why we're committed to boosting individuals from all backgrounds with the means to join the conversation.

This program is intended for individuals who've faced financial barriers, social inequality, just plain misfortune, or have otherwise been placed at a disadvantage by some aspect of their identity or situation. We want to ensure that high-quality training in reverse engineering is accessible to all and be a part of the solution, not just perpetuating the problem. That's why, through this program, we're reserving two free seats in every open class we teach for qualifying applicants.

Whether you're starting your first career, looking for a chance to break free, or haven't had an easy route into this field, this program is aimed at boosting you with the skills you need to have a fighting chance.

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