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Welcome to the Binary Ninja Blog

A number of folks have pointed out that the website hasn’t changed very much since we launched the product so we thought we’d remedy that. Not only do we have a changelog, but we’ve also launched our blog!

You might notice that the first entry from Andrew is a repost. He originally wrote it last year and published it under his personal blog, but we’ve polished it up a bit and are moving it here so we can have all of our Binary Ninja related blog posts in one place.

We plan a variety of types of blog posts. From brief overviews of our development plans and timelines, to in-depth technical discussions of core design decisions, to walk-throughs of specific features so keep an eye on this space.

Read on for an overview of what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.

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Generating a Thumb2 Disassembler from the Specification

For me, the fun in writing a disassembler drops off sharply after the first. It becomes just plain tedious. For our thumb2 disassembler, we looked for a more interesting way to construct one, and found benefits beyond reducing boredom: serviceability and accuracy.

Spoiler, what we’re doing is generating a disassembler from the ARM specification (spec) itself. This involves some intermediate steps and parsing, which we discuss below.

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